America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 8

he girls were taught how to conduct interviews.

They were then put to the test as they interviewed rapper Eve. Christina was chosen as the winner because of her preparedness and clarity of speech, and won an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight.

Right before they left for the photo shoot, Kahlen received a message that her best friend from high school had died. Shaken by this sudden news, Kahlen was further disturbed when it turned out that the next shoot would be at a cemetery, where the models portrayed the seven deadly sins while posing in a casket at the bottom of an eight foot grave. Jay Manuel learned of this and allowed Kahlen to opt out of the shoot, though it would affect her placement in the competition. After some consideration, Kahlen decided to go ahead, and was able to channel her depression into her "sin" - wrath.

For the judging challenge this week, the panel posed as journalists asking the girls questions in a mock press conference for the America's Next Top Model clothing line. The judges found most of the girls let the judges get the better of them.

At judging, the judges learned about Kahlen's news and were stunned by her incredible picture. Michelle and Tatiana produced bland shots, however, which landed them in the bottom two. The judges felt that Michelle had more potential and desire to win and sent Tatiana home.

First call-out: Kahlen Rondot
Bottom two: Michelle Deighton & Tatiana Dante
Eliminated: Tatiana Dante
Featured photographer: Johann Wolff
Special guests: Eve, Jann Carl
CoverGirl of the Week: Naima Mora

Title: The Girl Who Gets Bad News

I realized that blonds definitely have a little more fun”

— Michelle Deighton


Brittany: Sloth
Christina: Lust
Kahlen: Wrath
Keenyah: Gluttony
Michelle: Pride
Naima: Envy
Tatiana: Greed