America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 4

The girls were given a Jazz lesson.

They went to dinner one night and Tiffany drank too much and threw up. The next day, they talked with Beverly Johnson. Later, they were taken to a tennis court, where they were told that they were shooting various tennis shots for a big client. Unknown to them, this was actually a test to gauge their response to being under pressure. The "client" was actually an actor who was told to give the girls a hard time. Almost all the girls got frustrated, and Brandy later took out her irritation on Tatiana. After the shoot, Jay Manuel finally revealed that the photo shoot was a test, and Naima was crowned the winner for being the only one who stayed calm under pressure. She picked Kahlen and Tiffany to accompany her on her reward, which was dinner with tennis star Serena Williams. Naima was also given an autographed tennis racquet.

In this week's photo shoot, the twelve remaining girls became the twelve signs of the zodiac and were featured in a Warneco calendar. Brandy once again showed her bad attitude on set.

Brittany redeemed herself by producing a stellar Sagittarius picture. Michelle, Keenyah, Kahlen, and Christina were praised for their pictures. Conversely, Lluvy's Pisces photo was deemed by Tyra as "the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model", which landed her in the bottom two along with Brandy who was eliminated because of her continuous bad attitude.

First call-out: Brittany Brower
Bottom two: Brandy Rusher & Lluvy Gomez
Eliminated: Brandy Rusher
Featured photographer: Tracy Bayne
Special guests: Serena Williams, Stefan Wenta, Mike Li, Mathu Anderson, Beverly Johnson
CoverGirl of the Week: Naima Mora

Title: The Girl With The Worst Photo In History


Brandy: Scorpio
Brittany: Sagittarius
Christina: Libra
Kahlen: Aries
Keenyah: Taurus
Lluvy: Pisces
Michelle: Aquarius
Naima: Capricorn
Noelle: Leo
Rebecca: Virgo
Tatiana: Gemini
Tiffany: Cancer

Note to self: Do not print this roll. Please.”

— Alex Reznick