21 Mar 2005

"No Sleep Tonight" Is Released

"No Sleep Tonight" was the first single from British band The Faders, released by Polydor Records. It was released on March 21, 2005 and reached #13 on the UK Singles Chart. It has also appeared on two soundtrack albums: the soundtrack to the television series Veronica Mars, and on the soundtrack to the film The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.

After the announcement of the band's split in July 2006, Molly Lorenne (a former band member and now under the name Molly McQueen) has released the song as a solo artist.

The song has been used in a number of television series and films, including:

* "Blast from the Past", episode 5 of the 2nd season of Veronica Mars, along with "Whatever It Takes". The Faders themselves appear in the episode, performing at the Neptune High School Homecoming dance. "No Sleep Tonight" also appears on the show's soundtrack.
* Season 3, Episode 8 of Grey's Anatomy
* The soundtrack of the British television series Sugar Rush.
* Television commercial in the United States for the Cingular ROKR phone with iTunes.
* Television commercial in the United Kingdom for the Vodafone "Stop The Clock" campaign.
* McDonalds' music toys in Happy Meals, worldwide in 2006.
* Opening credits sequence of She's The Man.
* A soccer scene and on the soundtrack of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants
* The song is also in the trailer of Bratz: The Movie
* Scene where Ben runs to Hannah's house in My Super Ex-Girlfriend
* The pilot episode of ABC Family's Greek
* Commercial for VO5