America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 1

Both Tiffany and Mary from last cycle were back.

At panel, Tiffany revealed she has taken anger management classes, Kahlen impressed everyone, Brittany was compared to Janice, Lluvy revealed she was part of a gang and Naima recounted her dysfunctional childhood. In between auditions, the girls took part in a truth or dare, enjoyed a night at a club/bowling (depending on their age) and celebrated two of the girls' birthdays, where Lady Kat made a few enemies among the girls. After the first cut, the girls were told they were going to do their shoot in a photomachine. Eventually, 14 girls were called and Mary was once again left out, despite showing more personality and confidence, and told Tyra that she broke her heart.

Title: The Girl Who Is A Lady Kat... Reow!

Finalists (In order of elimination)

Brita Petersons, 25, from La Cañada, California
Sarah Dankleman, 21, from Baltimore, Maryland
Brandy Rusher, 19, from Houston, Texas
Noelle Staggers, 20, from Reno, Nevada
Lluviana "Lluvy" Gomez, 21, from Modesto, California
Rebecca Epley, 22, from Stillwater, Minnesota
Tiffany Richardson, 21, from Miami, Florida
Tatiana Dante, 18, from Maui, Hawaii
Michelle Deighton, 18, from Terre Haute, Indiana
Christina Murphy, 24, from Tallahassee, Florida
Brittany Brower, 22, from Tallahassee, Florida
Keenyah Hill, 19, from Compton, California (2nd runner up)
Kahlen Rondot, 21, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (runner up)
Naima Mora, 20, from Detroit, Michigan (winner)

Her hair looks like a wig that you bought in a store for $19.99, and it's called "the Nancy."”

— Jay Manuel