America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 3

The girls met runway coach Miss J. Alexander at a stadium, where they were taught how to walk in a straight line, up and down gradients while carrying items.

While most girls adapted well, Sarah struggled and walked awkwardly throughout the entire duration.

The next day, they were brought to K-Mart for their reward challenge. They each had to pick an item to use while walking down the supermarket aisle, and evaluation was elimination style. Rebecca won the challenge, and was rewarded with designer shoes by Stuart Weitzman, along with five friends. She picked Kahlen, Sarah, Noelle, Lluvy, and Naima to share her prize. The girls who didn't win the challenge had to serve the other girls while at the Stuart Weitzman store which caused a rift between the girls.

This week's photo shoot was for 1-800-Flowers. Rebecca, Michelle, Keenyah, Lluvy, Tiffany & Tatiana all excelled while Brittany, Kahlen & Sarah had a hard time fitting the character. While Rebecca's photo was being evaluated, she experienced a relapse of her childhood balance disorder and fainted. She was sent to the hospital, but Tyra decided to continue on with judging and elimination. Keenyah was criticized for her poor choice in wardrobe, but made up for her previous week's poor performance with a stellar photo. Tatiana, Tiffany, and Michelle were all praised for beautiful photos, while Kahlen, Brittany, and Sarah were criticized for their mediocre photos.

Brittany was criticized for being sexy to the point where it was pornographic in her photos, but Sarah was eliminated for her low self-esteem.

First call-out: Keenyah Hill
Bottom two: Brittany Brower & Sarah Dankleman
Eliminated: Sarah Dankleman
Featured photographer: Danielle Levitt
Special guests: J. Alexander, Stuart Weitzman, Danilo, Mathu Anderson, Sandi Bass
CoverGirl of the Week: Naima Mora

Title: The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed

Brandy is wearing a fuchsia blouse and a frying pan. How. Fabulous. Naima is wearing a fuchsia blouse and a sponge mop. Mop, mop, mop, and fry, fry, fry.”

— J. Alexander