Indianapolis Colts defeat New England Patriots, 40-21

Eventually, it had to happen.

Yesterday was Monday. And, apparently, Eventually.

The Indianapolis Colts, a team so battered by New England in recent years that it was in need of therapy, found relief last night.

There was no couch in sight, though the Colts did push the Patriots around like they were furniture on wheels, rolling to a 40-21 win before a stunned sellout crowd and national television audience.

The loss snaps the Patriots' six-game winning streak i...

Now do you believe?

Now do you believe in the Indianapolis Colts?

Now do you understand just how diminished the Patriots are?

Now do you believe that four years ago was four years ago and last year was last year and this year the Patriots will do well to make the playoffs? Winning a game there would make this a successful season. That's it. That's the goal. You can save your money. There will be no need to book any flights for Detroit in February.

All the worst...

This much we know for sure. The Indianapolis Colts can beat the Patriots' junior varsity.

Five weeks ago, kindly Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer tried to make clear to the world what the battered Patriots were up against with injuries at every level of their defense and to nearly every playmaker on their roster. He was attacked for those comments by Tom Brady several days later, who insisted that Schottenheimer had no right to talk about Bill Belichick's team. The w...

Corey Dillon again struggled, rushing for just 40 yards on 12 carries in last night's 40-21 loss to the Colts, and it was his fumble that may have turned the tide.

Trailing, 14-7, in the second quarter, the Patriots had taken possession on a Mike Vrabel interception and put together a drive they hoped would result in the tying score.

Unfortunately for them, Dillon had the ball ripped from him on a first-down carry from the Indianapolis 17 by Dwight Freeney as he ran ...