America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 12

The girls went on go-sees.

They had to dress mod, bollywood, preppy, and punk. Nik won the challenge and chose Nicole to share in the prize. Nicole then picked Jayla. Nik won 100 frames. Nicole won 80 frames. Jayla won 60 frames. Bre only got 50 frames and couldn't see herself before the photo shoot. The girls then split in groups of two (Nik & Jayla, Bre & Nicole) to go see London and Bre and Nicole made up, with Bre even agreeing to compensate Nicole's energy drinks.

The final four were photographed in a Bollywood-inspired shoot to stand out in front of the crowd and reflecting the Indian influence on British fashion in recent years. Having been sick the day of the photoshoot, Bre took some medicine, which made her sleepy and made her underperform at the shoot. At panel, Nik and Nicole, once again, wowed the judges, and Jayla was eliminated because, despite her previous strong performance, she did not stand out as well as the other girls in the photoshoot.

First call-out: Nicole Linkletter
Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Jayla Rubinelli
Eliminated: Jayla Rubinelli
Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
Special guests: Simon Doonan, Ashley Isham, Robert Cary-Williams, Barbara Hulanicki, Sarah Feeney, Amy Molineaux, Gillian Barker
CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Title: The Girl Who Takes A Pill

Not. At all. Preppy. Not by any country's interpretation of preppy.”

— Sarah Feeney talking about Nicole Linkletter