America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 11

For this week's challenge, the girls had to pose as statues in a park.

Nicole struggled as pigeons surrounded her, while Nik won, and chose Jayla and Bre for the prize - a shopping spree. The five remaining contestants then posed as modern interpretations of classical art in an advertisement for Quench body lotion by Olay.

An argument brewed between Bre and Nicole over Bre's stolen granola bars. Bre thought Nicole stole them so she dumped Nicole's Red Bull down the sink. As she was leaving the room Kim walked by. Bre tried to hide but Kim saw her and wanted to know what she was doing. Bre ended up holding down Kim so she wouldn't be loud. Both girls were laughing and trying to be quiet. When Bre told Kim what she did Kim was upset. Kim told Nicole which made Nicole and Bre angry. Nicole for what Bre did and Bre for Kim telling Nicole. The three girls fought at the shoot.

All of the girls, with the exception of Kim, impressed the judges at panel. Bre and Kim ultimately landed in the bottom, Bre for lashing out against Nicole and Kim for her lackluster photo. Whilst the judges were deciding who was out, Bre and Kim fought behind the scenes. Bre claimed that Kim was an "Ugly Person" and had an "Ugly Personality". Despite the fight Kim was eliminated due to a lack of consistency during the competition.

First call-out: Nik Pace
Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Kim Stolz
Eliminated: Kim Stolz
Featured photographer: Barry Lategan
Special guests: Jason Leung, Sukeena Rao
CoverGirl of the Week: Bre Scullark

Title: The Girl Who Retaliates

Pigeons are flying rats. They eat rats. They'd probably eat me if they could.”

— Bre Scullark