America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 10

The girls got a visit from Jenny Shimizu which inspired Kim as well as a lesson about image where they saw bad pictures of them.

While Nik was phoning a friend, Kim made a joke to the person on the other end, irritating her. They then took passport pictures, which was revealed to be a challenge that Bre won. She picked Nik to share her prize. Then each of the girls got a message from their close ones. They finally took their plane, much to Lisa's relief, who was getting impatient. In the limo, Kim was confronted by Nik, Jayla and Bre about talking about people behind their backs when she caught Nik and Bre talking about her. After being told by Bre that she had an ugly character, Kim started to cry and apologized.

Arriving in London the girls were ambushed by paparazzi and photographed by them. They then moved into their hotel and later that night two English gentlemen took Bre and Nik out on a carriage in London, while Kim wrote an apology letter but Nik and Bre were still not convinced. The girls then posed together in a phone booth with only underwear, their galoshes, and a newspaper to cover themselves, as if they had been caught by paparazzi.

At judging, it was revealed that the paparazzi "attack" was a judging test and Jayla was the only one without a bad picture. Bre was noted for taking another strong shot and so was Kim. Jayla was in the bottom two again because she had done mediocre photographs but it Lisa was who was eliminated for her spitfire arrogance, despite taking great photos.

First call-out: Kim Stolz
Bottom two: Jayla Rubinelli & Lisa D'Amato
Eliminated: Lisa D'Amato
Featured photographer: Nick Maroudias
Special guests: Jenny Shimizu, Mark Anderson, Nick Maroudias, Kevin Frazier
CoverGirl of the Week: Bre Scullark

Title: The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back

We're like the only sane ones. It's like we're sane, Nik is sane (but a little boring) and we've got Lisa, alcoholic...well Lisa's insane anyway. And Jayla, ugly, annoying, bad joke deliver-er, but a wee bit sane. Almost too sane. But not. Who else can we talk about?”

— Kim Stolz