Chicago White Sox defeat Boston Red Sox, 5-3

The front man on this band of Red Sox, indelible in word and deed, Johnny Damon stood before his locker last night and wrapped his arms around Manny Delcarmen, the 23-year-old with a slingshot arm.

The future. Of the Boston Red Sox.

''Good luck with your career if we don't . . . "

Damon stopped, unable to be entirely honest with himself.

'' . . . cross paths."

The Red Sox' season ended last night, Boston's boys of summer beaten by the Chicago White Sox, 5-3, el...

The helmet that he flipped so joyously time and again in anticipation of the celebratory home-plate scrums that became a nightly ritual last fall, this time remained in David Ortiz's giant hand until he dropped it without a glance in front of the Red Sox dugout. His big two-toned bat, however, remained in his other hand, as if Ortiz could not bring himself to accept that the 2005 season had run out of swings for the Red Sox, and there was no place left for him to go but do...

No books on the 2005 Red Sox. No major motion pictures, no ESPY Awards, and none of those corny Christmas card photos of your neighbor standing next to the World Series trophy.

In the everlasting words of Philip Epstein, Oscar-winning grandfather of young general manager Theo, ''We'll always have Paris."

Eleven months and 10 days after winning their first World Series in 86 years, the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs last night, victims of an ignominious swe...