America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 4

Tyra stopped by to see how the girls were doing.

Miss J helped the girls with their walks by a pool in the ritzy part of L.A. They donned fun hats and skirts and danced around the pool. Their challenge was to walk on a runway and pose on a turning platform for Sue Wong, which Bre won. After Kim, Nik, Jayla, Coryn and Bre went out to eat caviar,and Kim and Sarah made out in one of their beds together (seen on security camera). They also went for a swim together and talked on the lawn chairs.

Then the girls posed as fashion victims being chased by Miss J Alexander as a fashion police witch. The shoot was taken on a moving platform in front of a green screen. During the shoot, unwilling to have her hair cut shorter, Cassandra refused this assignment and became the first contestant ever to quit. In panel, the judges told the girls to give their signature walk. Bre impressed the judges with her walk. The judges placed Kim and Sarah in the bottom two: Kim for giving a disclaimer before demonstrating her runway walk, and Sarah for her weak shoot and bad runway walk. Sarah was eliminated.

First call-out: Jayla Rubinelli
Quit: Cassandra Whitehead
Bottom two: Kim Stolz & Sarah Rhoades
Eliminated: Sarah Rhoades
Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
Special guests: Rob Talty, Sue Wong
CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Title: The Girl Who Makes A Disclaimer

Straight girls tend to get crushes on me. Like, I can't pick up a gay girl to save my life...”

— Kim Stolz

XOXO Tyra”

— Tyra Mail