America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 7

The girls were coached in a black and white photo shoot with Tyra assisting them.

They then went to a boot camp where they had to do all sorts of physical activities, including crawling in the mud, and then directly (without changing or showering) to a go-see with Elle Girl, a challenge which Lisa won, allowing her to meet and be taught by fashion stylist Todd Hallman.

The contestants shot advertisements for Ford Fusion dressed as Vargas "pin-up" girls. They also learned that the future winner of the cycle would have her picture run in magazines as a real ad. Kim and Lisa impressed the judges, while Kyle was eliminated in this round as she failed to be expressive in her face in the pin-up shot and use the potential she had to stand out in photo shoots.

Bottom Two: Bre Scullark & Kyle Kavanagh
Eliminated: Kyle Kavanagh
Featured photographer: Richard Dean
Special guests: Eric Viskovicz, Brandon Holley, Marie Sutter, Lori Trott, Todd Hallman, Ruth Kahn, Rob Talty
CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Title: The Girls Who Are 1940s Pin-ups

I love being dirty. So this actually is nothing to me.”

— Lisa D'Amato referring to crawling through the mud.