America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 6

Kyle won the challenge which was a mock interview as a spokesperdon for a product and picked Nicole to countdown the 5 greatest supermodels of all times with her.

The next episode's challenge was to complete a commercial shoot, photo shoot, and press interview, all advertising Secret deodorant, in the space of thirty minutes. Behind the scenes, there was a lot of drama, because Jayla stole Nik's secret, on camera, making Nik and other girls upset. Originally Nik was going to say she was afraid of the dark and slept with a night light and Jayla was going to say she was afraid of the dark. However once on camera Jayla said she was afraid of the dark and they stopped her commercial. When they did take two she said she slept with a night light. This caused Nik to lose sight of her objective and ultimately deliver a bad interview.

The undeclared prize was that the girl with the strongest photograph would have her picture run as an actual advertisement for the product in print media. The judges agreed that Lisa had the strongest performance this week, but they chose Nicole's photo as the best one, and selected it. Meanwhile Kim and Jayla also did well on both. Bre had a great commercial and interview but her photo was criticized. Nik's lack of focus and poor performance during her commercial landed her in the bottom two with Coryn who was eliminated because she could not overcome her melancholy demeanor.

Bottom 2: Coryn Woitel & Nik Pace
Eliminated: Coryn Woitel
Featured photographer: Jason Willheim
Featured commercial director: Bill Heuberger
Special guests: Iman, Chris Spencer, Kevin Mock, Ryan Devlin
CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Title: The Girl Who Loves Bubbles And Talks To Plants

Model: Secret

Bre: Loves mens' underwear
Coryn: Afraid of heights
Jayla: Afraid of dark
Kim: Walks and talks tough but screams like a girl
Kyle: Likes to sing and dance in front of a mirror
Lisa: Tells herself she's beautiful every day
Nicole: Eats ice cream in bed
Nik: Afraid of dark and sleeps with night light

I almost feel like the bubbles are owning you and you aren't owning the bubbles...”

— Lisa D'Amato