America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Episode 5

The girls talked with Twiggy about their flaws and then took a photo shoot to show and hide them.

Kyle won the challenge, which was a spa treatment with two friends. She chose Kim and Coryn. Kim expressed that she missed Sarah.

Janice Dickinson, a former panel judge, photographed the remaining contestants in the following plastic surgery-themed photo shoot. Each contestant was photographed as if she had undergone a beauty enhancement procedure gone over the top.

During the photo shoot the girls were making remarks about Lisa. Janice told them to stop and they eventually did. Nik had to shoot nude because Jay, Janice, and other crew members did not like the dress that she was to wear. They decided she would shoot nude with the hair covering her as she sat down and only wearing stilettos. Nik was a little worried at first because her parents did not want her shooting nude. At panel, Nik, Lisa, and Kyle impressed the judges, but Diane failed to show her personality more and landed in the bottom two together with Bre, who wasn't strong enough to handle criticism (despite a strong photo). In the end Bre was saved and Diane was eliminated due to lack of confidence and inability to own her curves.

First call-out: Kyle Kavanagh
Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Diane Hernández
Eliminated: Diane Hernández
Featured photographer: Janice Dickinson
Special guests: Jay Goldman, John Talty, Dean Factor, David Factor
CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Title: The Girl Who Gets A Boob Job


Bre/Cheek Implants
Diane/Breast Reduction
Jayla/Butt Implant
Kim/Breast Implants
Kyle/Lip Injection
Lisa /Face Lift
Nicole/Fake Tan
Nik/Extreme Hair Extensions