New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 8-4

As the beautiful autumn afternoon lengthened and the outcome on the field became less in doubt, folks in the Fenway Park stands and those at home watching on television tried to diagram playoff possibilities.

They'd have had more luck memorizing ''Ulysses" or learning to play Rachmaninoff's piano concerto No. 2 -- without sheet music.

At 4:27 p.m., a couple of things finally became clear. Johnny Damon grounded feebly to Mariano Rivera and the New York Yankees, 8-4 winne...

The body language was telling: the slumped shoulders, the glum faces, the ''Go Sox" signs held languidly at the hip: emblems, for the moment, at least, of defeat.

After watching the Yankees down the Red Sox 8-4 at Fenway Park yesterday, fans leaving the ballpark knew the grim truth that today's game could be the second to last of the season, and it was not a pleasant thought to contemplate after last year's exhilarating World Series win.

''It's do or die," said Ryan ...