R. Kelly Releases Chapters 1-6 of "Trapped in the Closet"

"Trapped in the Closet" is an urban opera, R&B opera, or hip-hopera released by contemporary R&B singer R. Kelly in 2005.

The songs relate an ongoing narrative, which Kelly and Jive Records promoted by releasing each chapter to radio stations one at a time. This also serves as the first official single off R. Kelly's album TP.3 Reloaded.

The only chord progression used is an Am chord (with a C in bass which then slides down to an A) to an E-Major chord (with a G# in the bass, which then slides down to an E) with crescendos and more instruments added at some points, thus adding suspense. The song then returns to its tonic E-Major chord.

The songs tell the story of a one-night stand that sets off a chain of events, which gradually reveals a greater web of lies, sex, and deceit.

Chapter 1:
The first chapter of "Trapped in the Closet" begins with the protagonist, Sylvester (portrayed by Kelly), waking up and realizing that he is not in his own bed. He recalls leaving a nightclub with a strange woman the previous night, and that he was in her bed. As Sylvester is scolding himself for what he has done as a married man, the woman comes back into the bedroom from the bathroom. Sylvester tells her that he has to leave quickly. She tells him he can't leave out the door because she hears her husband coming up the stairs. Sylvester says he'll jump out the window, but she reminds him that they are on the fifth floor. Sylvester thinks frantically, and then decides to hide in the closet. A few seconds later, the husband walks in, and the couple ends up fooling around on the bed. Sylvester reflects that the woman deserves an Oscar for her skillful acting. Suddenly, Sylvester's cell phone rings and he hurries to put it on vibrate. The husband hears the ring and suspects something is wrong. He searches the house for another person. He looks behind the shower curtain, under the bed, in the dresser, and then walks towards the closet. The first part ends with Sylvester reaching for his Beretta and the husband opening the closet.

Chapter 2:
In the second part of the song, the husband opens the closet and begins to yell at his wife for spending her free time cheating on him. He reveals to his wife that he had suspected her of cheating all along but did not want to believe it. As the couple is arguing, Sylvester tells them that he wants no part of what was happening, so he tries to leave. The husband tells Sylvester to stay put and that he would have killed Sylvester if Sylvester wasn't holding a loaded gun himself. Sylvester then tells the couple to let him go, since it was the wife's fault that Sylvester was there. The wife had never told Sylvester that she was married. Again, the husband tells Sylvester and the wife to both stay put, and tells them that there is something he needs to show them both first. He makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end to turn the car back around. Meanwhile, Sylvester threatens to shoot the husband and wife if they do not let him leave the house, and the husband reveals to Sylvester that he is a pastor and does not want to see violence. Sylvester tells the couple that they have to the count of four before he starts shooting. Sylvester begins to count, as the wife suspects the husband of having cheated on her. The husband tells the wife that "Since we're all coming out of the closet today," he's not the only one who is about to be brokenhearted. The second parts ends when the husband, opens the door just after Sylvester counts to four and the husband's lover is revealed to be a man, implying the husband is a bisexual.

Chapter 3:
In part three, all four people are arguing in the room together, with the husband and wife bickering back and forth about whose cheating was worse. The wife, Cathy, attacks the husband, Rufus, for having been with a man, Chuck, and not telling her, and says that his crime is worse since she was caught accidentally and he revealed his cheating just to upset her. Sylvester watches everything that transpires and says for them to stop and that he didn't stay there to watch them fight. Then the husband's lover starts to explain what has been going on between the two of them. Sylvester says that he doesn't want the guy to go into details. The husband goes on to say that it is the wife's fault. Then his lover says they're in love and the husband says they're getting married. Sylvester then fires a shot in the air, which causes Cathy, Chuck, and Rufus to fall to the floor. He then calls his house only to have a man pick up the phone. The chapter ends with Sylvester thinking his wife has also had an affair. After he puts the phone down he runs out of the house and leaves Cathy, Rufus and Chuck still sitting on the floor.

Chapter 4:
In part four, Sylvester is driving home and is pulled over by a police officer. The officer mentions that he was speeding, gives him a ticket and sends him on his way. As Sylvester arrives home he starts asking his wife what man answered the phone, she responds that it was her brother, who she reminded Sylvester earlier was supposed to be home today. Sylvester admits that he forgot, and they begin to make love with each other. When Gwendolyn and Sylvester are making love Gwendolyn sees a condom on the bed and tells Sylvester to "go deeper, please," he is afraid that he will blow a vessel in his brain. He's "cool" with his wife climaxing, so long as she lets go of his cramping leg. Finally, he gets off of the bed and rips the sheet off, and finds a used condom.

Chapter 5:
In part 5, Sylvester reveals his knowledge of his wife's infidelity. She acts stunned, but later reveals her knowledge of his infidelity. They then begin to argue about what happened at a club the previous night. Then Gwendolyn tells Sylvester where he went when he left the club. She tells him that he went to a "bitch's" house, but doesn't know who it was. She later tells Sylvester that she has a friend named Tina who knows a woman named Roxanne. Roxanne is a friend of Chuck. Chuck is dating Rufus. Rufus is the husband of Cathy, who is the woman with whom Sylvester cheated. She then says that she and Cathy went to high school together, and that Cathy was the one who introduced her to the officer who pulled Sylvester over. Hence, the officer was her secret lover.

Chapter 6:
After the realization that Gwendolyn (Sylvester's wife) cheated on Sylvester while already knowing he had also cheated on her, Sylvester laughs at the craziness eventually causing Gwendolyn also to laugh and apologize. Sylvester then tells her what he went through the previous night. The police officer (having been recasted), whose name is revealed to be James, is concerned about Gwendolyn, turning his car around and going back to the house where he sees Sylvester's car parked in a crooked space with the lights still on. James looks around the back and sees the door has been broken in and then pulls out his gun and goes in to investigate. He hears Sylvester and Gwendolyn laughing hysterically which he mistakes as yelling and crying. As Sylvester continues to explain what was going on, James thinks Gwendolyn is being abused and when she says that Sylvester is "killing her" with his stories, James bursts in. Sylvester notices the guy as the same cop who pulled him over. Gwendolyn tries to calm them down while Sylvester threatens James to get out of the house with his gun. After Gwendolyn begs and James insists, Sylvester drops his gun, and puts his hands up to freeze, James winks and smiles at Sylvester which angers him and then he struggles with James over his gun. While they are fighting, the gun accidentally fires.