Ford EcoSport is First Produced

The Ford EcoSport is a Mini SUV designed and built in Brazil by Ford.

The EcoSport is one of Ford's best-seller models in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Its main competitors are the Fiat Idea Adventure, Volkswagen CrossFox.
The EcoSport is heavily based on the Cologne built European Fusion - but restyled with sport features to avoid the 'grey owner' the European version is so popular with.

The EcoSport has been available with five I4 engines:
Zetec-Rocam 1.0 L gasoline 8v supercharged, 95 PS (70 kW) (discontinued in 2006)
Zetec-Rocam 1.6 8v gasoline/ethanol, 111 PS (82 kW)
Duratec 2.0 L gasoline 16v 145 PS (107 kW) (rebadged Mazda MZR engine)
PSA 1.4 L HDi Diesel, 68 PS (50 kW) (export only)
All models have front-wheel drive with manual transmission as standard. The 2.0 L model can also receive a four-speed automatic transmission or four-wheel drive. In the latter case, an electronically-controlled system lets the driver engage the rear axle from the dashboard.
Since the EcoSport went on sale, the car has sold well, consistently appearing on the 10 best-selling vehicles on Brazil list.
In late 2007 a restyling was introduced, which renewed the front to bring it closer to modern Ford pick-ups as well as the recent Brazilian Fiesta restyling, and updated the rear lights and interior materials.

Sales (Brazil)
2003 - 27,214 units
2004 - 38,695 units
2005 - 45,449 units
2006 - 44,777 units
2007 - 47,030 units
TOTAL: 203,165

Ford Ecosport in Mexico (2004-2010)

The Ford Ecosport arrived in late 2003 to Mexico as a 2004 model and the reception that got was really impressive and it continued like that until 2006 but for the 2007 model year; sales of the small SUV began slipping and stopped being a hot seller because in 2004 sales of the Ecosport were about 15,000 units and in 2007 were merely 10,000 units but then for the 2008 refresh things got worse because there was a very nasty price bump and in this model year Ford of Mexico sold 6,345 units and in 2009 models have only sold until July 2,135 units.Seeing these number Ford has announced inside the company that the 2010 model will be the last in Mexico and it will be a short one because the Ford Escape has outsold the Ecosport since the 2008 model year which was a redisign. The source inside Ford Mexico told that the Ecosport will be phased out early next year. The Ford Escape along the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are amongst the most popular SUVs in Mexico now.

The Ford EcoSport is a compact CUV produced by Ford of South America and built in Brazil on the Ford Fiesta frame. The angle of entry @ 28 degrees and exit at 34 degrees make it ideal for rough roads and ruts encountered in both Central and South America. The 1.6 liter Rocam engine is the base model's engine in Brazil and Argentina. It is a FLEX fuel engine, using either unleaded gas or pure ethanol, or any combination thereof. Originally there was a turbo 1.1 liter that is now discontinued. If shopping in Argentina, you can pick from the 1.6 or 2.0 FLEX engines or the 1.4 Diesel. In Mexico, only the 2.0 liter is available. There is now a 4WD model with the 2.0 liter engine, but it only has a manual transmission. The automatic transmssion is only available on the 2.0 Duratec engine.
Because it is NOT sold in the U.S., EPA gas mileage estimates are NOT available. Drivers report similar experience to current European Fiesta mileage results. (Also not sold in the U.S. until the 2010 model year, and then with different power plants expected.) An estimate of the 1.6 base model running on gasoline under EPA tests would have to exceed the 22/27 of the Escape 4cyl 5-speed. Most likely, a 25/30 result could reasonalbly be expected. Wtih Ethanol, reduce the numbers by about 20%. However, the cost of pure ethanol can be close to half of gasoline, allowing even greater savings than running a car converted to Propane, a common practice in Latin America.
Similar to what Ford has done in the U.S. with Explorers, there is an XL+, XLS and XLT+ model. Typical Ford option packages are available. The typical tire size is 205/65-R15, but many off roaders upsize to 205/70 or 205/75's for more ground clearance.