Boston Red Sox defeat Oakland Athletics, 8-3

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Odd to be back here.

It was 11 months ago that Derek Lowe punched out Terrence Long and performed a regrettable salute to cap the Red Sox' comeback victory over the Oakland A's in the Division Series.

Last night the Red Sox beat the A's, 8-3, in their first appearance in Al Davis's playpen since the stunning October series. In a battle between the two hottest teams in baseball, Boston prevailed on the strength of more timely hitting and a solid outing...

OAKLAND, Calif. -- It's that time of year, the suspenseful countdown to October when Kevin Millar, the Texas rally rustler, whips up a way to inspire the Red Sox as if they were defending the Alamo.

Millar's latest call to arms, a variation on a line from the movie "Tombstone," was emblazoned on 35 freshly made T-shirts the Sox donned before last night's shootout with the A's.

"Tell 'em we're coming," it read on the front of the shirts.

On the back it read, "And h...