America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 1

The 34 semifinalists met in Los Angeles and had a pool party to celebrate making it to California.

Deciding to have a bit more fun, some of the girls trekked out to a local hot spot where semifinalist Tiffany Richardson got into a bar fight with a local. Tiffany got cut when cutting down to 20 girls. Tiffany successfully re-auditioned for Cycle 4.

Later on, the girls had one-on-one introductions with the judges and a cut was announced where 14 out of the 34 girls were eliminated, leaving a final 20. A second cut soon after eliminated 6 more girls and the final 14 were revealed.

Despite receiving rave reviews from the judges about her eyes, Amanda revealed that she had retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease which made her legally blind.


Eva Pigford
Yaya Da Costa
Amanda Swafford
Ann Markley
Norelle Van Herk
Nicole Borud
Toccara Jones
Cassie Grisham
Kelle Jacob
Jennipher Frost
Kristi Grommet
Julie Titus
Leah Darrow
Magdalena Rivas

Title: The Girl With The Secret

You know, Mary, I don't believe that she's really plus size, I think she's like 160. You know, you're looking for a real woman with something juicy then here I am. I'm 180 pounds and I'm carrying it well, and I'm loving it.”

— Toccara Jones