Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 4-3

We need a name for these guys.

The Yankee Clippers? The Sons of Tito? How about the No More Nomars?

Boston's summer of 1967 produced the Impossible Dreamers, a team that forged a baseball renaissance in the Hardball Hub of the universe. The Sox won 10 in a row after the All-Star break and inspired a near riot at Logan Airport when they came back from a sweep in Cleveland. They made it to the seventh game of the World Series.

In 1988, we had Morgan Magic, when a talen...

LeBron flubs a dunk now and then. Tiger muffs a 2-footer or two. Ichiro even swings and misses occasionally.

But the Red Sox? The way they have mastered the art of winning, Terry Francona's entire team could get lost on the way to work, it seems, and somehow still triumph.

So what if the Sox went 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position and left 14 runners on base last night trying to eke out a one-run victory?

Another night, another joyful farewell rendition of ...