"Ghost House" Is Released

With hard work finally Pil-gi (Seung-won Cha) has saved enough money to make the last wish of his deceased father come true.

He can buy his own House. But as soon he moves in he is attacked by another inhabitant of the house. It is a ghost, who claims the house for its own and is trying to frighten him out. But Pil-gi doesn't want to give up his dream so easy. He calls the police, invites friends to stay for the night with him and tries exorcism rituals. None of it works. During an attack by the ghost he is hit by lightning and awakes in a hospital. First his decision is to sell the house now, but then he discovers that he can see the ghost from now on. It is the young woman Win-ha (Seo-hee Jang). Less frightened as he can see her and talk to her he decides to stay but then take an offer from a speculator who wants to build up a hotel on his ground. Now it is time for the ghost to be afraid. She is begging him not to sell the house and is telling him her life story and from now on he is trying to help her.

Kang Woo-suk (b. November 10, 1960 in Gyeongsan) is a South Korean film producer and director. He has often been called the most powerful man in Korean cinema, topping Cine21 magazine's list of '50 Most Powerful Men in Korean Cinema' for seven consecutive years from 1998 to 2004.

Kang started as a director of successful comedy films before directing Two Cops in 1993, a box office hit whose success at the time was only surpassed by Sopyonje. More recently, he has directed several Korean blockbusters, including the Public Enemy series (Public Enemy, Another Public Enemy, and Public Enemy Returns) and Silmido. While Kang's films aren't usually best known for their artistic merits, they have consistently been among the most watched films in the country.

After the success of Two Cops Kang founded his own film production and distribution company, Cinema Service, which has since become the biggest homegrown studio in the Korean film industry and along with CJ Entertainment, one of the two largest film distributors in South Korea. In 2005 Kang stepped down from the position of president of Cinema Service, claiming he intends to concentrate more on his personal film projects.