Boston Red Sox defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 11-4

Raise a cup to the computer nerds.

If not for the number crunchers on Yawkey Way who were savvy enough last November to allay Curt Schilling's fears about a fly ball pitcher thriving at Fenway Park, he may never have agreed to waive his no-trade clause to join the Red Sox in their quest for a world championship.

Instead, Schilling may have sent Sox execs Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer back from their Thanksgiving negotiations at his Arizona home clutching only doggie bags. ...

For a long time this season, it looked as if Kevin Millar was all hat and no cattle. The man who gave the Red Sox the "Cowboy Up" slogan as they played inspired ball last year, was struggling early, becoming the object of some disdain.

But lately, the first baseman has been hotter than hot, and last night was no exception as he doubled and homered, knocking in four runs as the Sox dispatched the dreadful Devil Rays, 11-4, at Fenway Park.

In his last 51 games, a strea...