"QuAUDIOPHILIAc" by Frank Zappa Is Released

Quaudiophiliac (capitalized as QuAUDIOPHILIAc on the album cover) is a compilation album featuring music by Frank Zappa, released in 2004 by the Zappa Family Trust.

It compiles recordings he made while experimenting with "quadraphonic", or four-channel, sound in the 1970s. Produced by Zappa, and completed by his son, Dweezil Zappa, it is his first foray into surround sound formatted music. Zappa prepared quadraphonic mixes of a number of his 1970s albums, which were left unreleased without a suitable format available on which to realize them, and Quaudiophiliac was billed as the first in a series of releases to feature this material.