Boston Red Sox defeat Seattle Mariners, 13-2

SEATTLE -- So, Jason Varitek, we all know you are the de facto captain of the Boston Red Sox.

You are the quiet leader of this team, the man who turned a season around by shoving your mitt into the face of Alex Rodriguez, and a man who's got a 15-game hitting streak in the wake of last night's 13-2 win over the Mariners.

This team, your team, has won 21 of 24, including eight wins in nine games against three would-be playoff rivals from the American League West.

So, ...

SEATTLE -- Gather the young ones around the breakfast table and remind them to watch closely. They may not witness anything like the show the Dominican dandies -- Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz -- are staging for another generation. Oh, the kids also may want to keep an eye on Curt Schilling.

In the latest chapter of a storybook season for the slugging pals, Ramirez and Ortiz set a franchise record by homering in the same game for the 12th time this season as they helped...