Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 12-7

Imagine the satisfaction around these parts if the chant suddenly is true.

Maybe it's no longer just the jealous, seventh-grade, "you're fat-you're ugly" taunting. Maybe it's reality. Finally.

Maybe this time the Yankees really do suck.

I mean, losing, 22-0, to the Indians (not very polite of Tribe manager Eric Wedge going for the 2-point conversion after that third touchdown)? El Duque as the No. 1 starter? Two wins in the last 17 starts from the starting rotation? ...

A word about Angels in the outfield, and we're not talking about the Hollywood original with Paul Douglas and Keenan Wynn, or the remake with Christopher Lloyd and Danny Glover. This is about the Anaheim fly-chasers, the ones who have not had a moment's peace since alighting on the Fens.

"Those guys were beat, bro," said Curtis Leskanic, the reliever who recorded the final three outs of the Sox' eighth straight victory, a 12-7 win over Anaheim that widened the Sox' lead...