Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 10-7

Anaheim righthander John Lackey took the mound last night at Fenway Park with an impressive resume.

So impressive, the Hall of Fame once asked for his hat. In 2002, when he became the first rookie to win a Game 7 in the World Series since Babe Adams almost a century earlier, Cooperstown called.

In the series opener against the Red Sox, Lackey surrendered his hat to no one. He needed to hide behind it after a disastrous start.

While the Angels rallied and closed withi...

Regardless of where you were sitting last night in a sellout crowd of 35,040 in Fenway Park -- even if you were behind home plate, with Curt Schilling's unblinking gaze boring in at you for the better part of 2 1/2 hours -- it was nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from left field.

That was true at the beginning of the night, when the Red Sox once again let Manny Ramirez trot alone to his position, much to his apparent delight, judging from the way he gave his now...