Entourage Season 1 Episode 6: Busey and the Beach

Ari's former assistant Josh, now a competing agent, woos Vince and the boys at a wild Malibu beach party.

Drama ponders an alternate career in the food-service industry; Eric puts Emily in a compromising position; and Turtle rankles Gary Busey at an art opening.

Vince is still dedicated to doing "Queens Boulevard," but Ari has yet to make that deal happen. Instead, the agent is pitching Vince on a myriad of other projects... a tact that's wildly unsucessful. Vince and Eric don't understand why Ari hasn't gotten Vince on the project yet, and they begin to grow dissatisfied with his work. Complicating matters is rival agent Josh Weinstein, who interjects himself into Vince's life, and invites the boys to a beach party.