Boston Red Sox defeat Chicago White Sox, 10-7

CHICAGO -- Nothing good normally comes of a pitching coach wanting to assault his own starting pitcher.

Nothing good, that is, unless they both work for the suddenly irrepressible Red Sox.

On a day when Sox starter Bronson Arroyo's stamina and pitching arsenal betrayed him -- "I just felt really sluggish, like I was throwing underwater," he said -- pitching coach Dave Wallace tossed aside his scouting reports, statistical matchups, and time-honored code of positive rein...

CHICAGO -- This national TV stuff, Terry Francona still has some work to do. "I showed up for the wrong inning," said the Red Sox manager, who had been lined up to do a between-innings interview by Fox yesterday and eventually got on, but just a little later than he thought he would.

"The last time I was supposed to do something like this," Francona said, "I was bumped for [John] Kerry."

Of course, if the Red Sox keep playing like this, Francona will be in a position...