Los Angeles Angels defeat Boston Red Sox, 8-3

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- For the Red Sox, this has not been the kind of weekend that inspires postcards home from the Left Coast.

When they win, they still lose. When they lose, they hurt.

A night after David Ortiz's double-bat fling from the dugout marred Pedro Martinez's mastery of the Angels and invited a potentially lengthy suspension, Tim Wakefield was tormented by Anaheim. Initially by a first inning of bloops and bleeders, then by a fourth-inning liner by Jose Molin...

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The Red Sox were awaiting word yesterday from Major League Baseball disciplinarian Bob Watson on the fate of slugger David Ortiz in the aftermath of Friday night's ejection, which climaxed with Ortiz throwing two bats out of the dugout, narrowly missing two umpires.

Manager Terry Francona and Ortiz said they had not heard from the league yesterday, but Ortiz remained hopeful that he might escape a lengthy suspension.

"Everybody's talking about fine...