Boston Red Sox defeat Kansas City Royals, 5-3

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's all well and good that Delta Airlines is the official carrier of the Red Sox.

But nothing seemed worse for the Sox in recent weeks than a chartered Delta jet waiting for them on the tarmac. Any tarmac. Anywhere.

Boston, Toronto, Tampa, Anaheim, you name it: If a Delta crew was there preparing to jet away with Terry Francona's barnstormers, the Sox were certain to slouch aboard after a loss.

So much for loving the way Delta flies.

But ...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Give an assist to Dawn Timlin for the Red Sox victory yesterday over the Royals. Mike Timlin's wife, who proved herself as a distance runner in April by completing the Boston Marathon, also seems to know a little about pitching. Or at least about the psyche of a pitcher.

Timlin was so peeved at himself after he played a major role in a 10-7 loss to the Angels in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday by surrendering three runs in 1 1/3 innings that he began look...