New York Yankees defeat Boston Red Sox, 4-2

NEW YORK -- Fire the manager.

Trade Nomar. Buy every member of the team a brand new mitt, then shave all their heads. Fire Theo, bring back Dan Duquette, sell the team, and implode Fenway.

Hysterical enough for you?

It's a good thing the Red Sox are on the road for another four days. They are a safe distance from a vicious Boston media, angry talk radio, and fans who are alternately enraged and heartbroken.

In the wake (good word for today) of last night's mi...

NEW YORK -- David Ortiz looked as if he had just witnessed the second coming of the Messiah. Bowing repeatedly and waving his arms in adulation, Ortiz greeted Johnny Damon's arrival in the Red Sox clubhouse before last night's game by chanting, "Johnny! Johnny!"

Ortiz never made clear whether he was offering the praise because of Damon's resemblance to a spiritual leader. Or Damon's two home runs the night before. Or some other feat by the wild-maned center fielder.