2004 New York City Gay Pride Parade

Every year, New York City attracts millions of people to its gay pride celebration.

From the New York City Gay Pride Parade, to incredible NYC Gay Pride parties, it is a gay pride celebration unlike any in the world. And 2004 promises to be the best New York City Gay Pride ever! Perhaps the biggest development is the birth of a brand new party, The Freedom Party NYC 2004, held on Saturday, June 26th from 2 PM to 9 PM and featuring DJ Manny Lehman.

Yesterday's Gay Pride Parade couldn't have asked for a better day: The sun was shining, everyone looked beautiful, politicians went out to show they support gays but are mum about gays marrying...good times, good times. Mayor Bloomberg said, "Each of us are different in our own ways, and we should all be proud of who we are, and I don't think anybody should try to be something they're not." But he stopped short of agreeing to say as much at the Convention, demurring, "The delegates to the convention would be the ones who express themselves. My job is to be a host."