Kansas City Royals defeat Boston Red Sox, 8-4

Sometimes the class clown aces the final exam.

Or the perky cheerleader falls for the angry Goth guy. Or, just when it seems to defy all logic, the Red Sox lose a game everyone expects them to win.

Sometimes bad things happen to good teams. Even to the Sox. Smack dab on Mother's Day.

So it was that hundreds of families circled the emerald lawn in the Fens yesterday for a Mother's Day stroll in the park to the beat of Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion." After all...

As much as Mark Malaska has impressed the Red Sox, the rookie lefthander gave a glimpse yesterday at a couple of areas he hopes to improve. Malaska allowed a decisive three-run double to Carlos Beltran in Kansas City's 8-4 victory as he was unable to retire the first batter he faced in relief for the sixth time in 10 attempts this season.

Malaska dug himself a hole against Beltran by throwing the first three pitches for balls. He said he knew by the second ball that he ...