Boston Red Sox defeat Cleveland Indians, 9-5

CLEVELAND -- A century ago last night, Boston ace Cy Young pitched the first perfect game of the modern era and barked at Philadelphia's Rude Waddell, the final batter he faced, "How do you like that, you hayseed?" Waddell irked Young by showboating after Philly blanked Boston four days earlier.

The Sox last night marked the 100th anniversary of Young's gem -- and postgame diss -- by avenging a bunch of slights, most of them self-inflicted. Nothing rankled the Sox more ...

CLEVELAND -- So how did the new Red Sox manager handle the strain of his first five-game losing streak?

Did he lock himself in his office, leave a dent in the dugout water cooler, snap at his players and coaches, grow short with the writers?

You knew better, didn't you?

Yesterday afternoon, before David Ortiz boomed two home runs and Bill Mueller hit one and the bullpen was back to being perfect and Bronson Arroyo got his first win in a Sox uniform in a 9-5 defeat...