Boston Red Sox defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 11-5

Maybe the Red Sox should call reliever Mike Timlin "the sheriff" because when there's trouble, the 38-year-old righthander often comes in and quiets the situation.

Last night, when Bronson Arroyo obviously didn't have his best stuff and the Sox needed someone to shut down the Blue Jays, Timlin came out of the bullpen and took care of business.

The only thing that was missing was the white hat and spurs as the Sox rode away with an 11-5 victory.

Timlin took over fo...

You don't throw a lazy 2-and-2 curveball to Manny Ramirez. You don't leave it hanging over the plate to arguably the best righthanded hitter in the game. Not with the score tied, 5-5, in the eighth inning at Fenway Park and Keith Foulke warming up in the Red Sox bullpen.

When it left Toronto reliever Micheal Nakamura's hand, you could see Ramirez's eyes light up. It looked like batting practice and felt like batting practice, as the ball quickly sailed over the Green Mo...