The Rolling Stones Release 'Singles 1963–1965'

Singles 1963–1965 is a box set compilation of the singles and EPs by The Rolling Stones spanning the years 1963 to 1965.

The latest in a series of repackages by ABKCO Records, who licence The Rolling Stones' 1963–1970 recorded works, Singles 1963–1965 is the first of three successive volumes to commemorate their non-LP releases during this era.

While the set features faithful replicas of all individual single covers (even the CDs are reproduced in black), the set—and both its successors—came under some criticism as to their necessity, especially as 1989's Singles Collection: The London Years already covered this material to satisfaction. However, Singles 1963-1965 is notable for the first ever CD editions of The Rolling Stones' three British EPs released by Decca Records in 1964 and 1965, reinstating what had been long sought after recordings to the band's catalogue.

There's a certain part of the collectors market that has a fondness for box sets that recreate the original singles and EPs British Invasion bands released during the '60s. These, to put it mildly, are not designed for practical listening -- very few listeners like to load up their multi-disc player with CDs running two tracks -- but that's kind of the point of these boxes: they're archival releases, targeted at collectors who relish recreations of these singles and EPs, as exercises in both history and nostalgia.