Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees, 11-2

NEW YORK -- It was like driving through the old neighborhood and passing the spot where your dog got run over when you were 10 years old.

This is a place where something terrible happened and it was hard for anyone from New England to come back here without remembering how things ended six months ago. The last time the Red Sox occupied the visitor's dugout at Yankee Stadium, they were cursing, crying, and kicking buckets of Gatorade while Aaron Boone circled the bases.

NEW YORK -- Jose Contreras was fortunate that the Yankees pumped some music through the public address system while he was trudging off the mound in the fourth inning last night because that muffled some of the incessant booing.

But Contreras still absorbed enough of the verbal abuse, a long, loud chorus of displeasure for a job not well done.

The Yankees are in a tricky position with Contreras, their most delicate of starters. There is no insurance policy, no escape...