Boston Red Sox defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 6-4

When David Ortiz launched a blast into the Monster seats in the 12th inning Sunday, giving the Red Sox a 6-4 victory over the Blue Jays, no one was happier than Curt Schilling.

A few hours earlier, the new Red Sox righthander wasn't in nearly as good a mood.

If you sneaked a peek into the Red Sox dugout in the bottom of the sixth, you would have seen Schilling being "wicked hard" on himself.

You would have seen Schilling, celebrating his first start on home turf, ...

One of the new kids in town, Mark Malaska watched in awe as David Ortiz took batting practice one day early in spring training and began asking his fellow Red Sox pitchers how on earth they would get the Dominican slugger out.

"I was like, `How do you pitch this guy?' " Malaska said. "No one could really give me an answer."

Don't bother asking Aquilino Lopez. The Toronto reliever learned the hard way yesterday that throwing a 2-2 split-finger fastball to Ortiz with a...