America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 11

For the final photo, the final three had a beauty shot for which they were dressed in the opposite of their normal styles.

At judging, Mercedes was hailed for finally looking like a high-fashion model. Yoanna's photo received praise, but the judges wondered if her body was right for the modeling industry. Shandi gave a pretty photo, but wasn't up to par with the other two. This eliminated her, despite giving some of the best photo's in the competition.

After the shoot, the remaining two met up with Dean and Dan of Dsquared for whom they walked in a fashion show. During the show, Yoanna broke her high heels and had to use Mercedes' heel, but was able to successfully complete the show.

At panel, the judges were immensely impressed by Mercedes and they felt that she stole the runway show. Tyra recognized the uniqueness of Yoanna's face, and believed that Yoanna knew the modeling industry better than Mercedes. After a long and hard deliberation, both finalists were called in and Yoanna was declared the second winner of America's Next Top Model.

First call-out: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Bottom two: Shandi Sullivan & Yoanna House
Eliminated: Shandi Sullivan
Featured photographer: Massimo Costoli
Final two: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte & Yoanna House
America's Next Top Model: Yoanna House
Special guests: Nolé Marin, Gian Luca Guaitoli, Dean Caten, Dan Caten

Title: The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model

Today is supposed to be a beauty shoot. And I don't look good”

— Mercedes Scelba-Shorte