America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 8

The remaining girls were taken to a restaurant where Tyra introduced their international destination for the cycle, Milan, Italy.

The girls then went on go-sees where Shandi was described as the best high fashion model, Mercedes as being a bit commercial, April as photographing well but weak in other areas,and Yoanna having to work on her body. Camille won the challenge for her strong presence. At dinner in front of Tyra, Camille implied that Yoanna had an eating disorder which was not true.

The girls did a high fashion shoot for Solstice sunglasses. April had mixed reviews, Camille looked pigeon-toed and was the photographer's least favorite, Mercedes looked commercial, Yoanna hid her body well and Shandi took some of the photographer's best shots all year. She was also praised for her response to rather harsh designers (which turned out to be actors testing the models' attitudes) when asked why she should get booked. Shandi simply responded that if the designer would look at her photos they would possibly see something special there. Camille got the worst review, giving off an attitude that "she knew it all". While she was walking for the designers, they asked her why she walked like that, and thus Camille coined the infamous phrase "This is my signature walk, and it's the walk that's going to make me famous."

Mercedes was in the bottom two for looking commercial and for a lack of editorial potential, but it was Camille who was eliminated because of her attitude and getting very defensive all the time when critiqued.

First call-out: Shandi Sullivan
Bottom two: Camille McDonald & Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Eliminated: Camille McDonald
Special guests: Kyle Hagler, David Brown, Elena Cimarosti, Carlo De Amici, Kesia Elwin, Liliana Rolando, Nolé Marin, Michael Giannini
Featured photographer: Massimo Costoli

Title: The Girl With The Signature Walk

This is my signature walk, and it's the walk that's going to make me famous.”

— Camille McDonald