America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 10

Male models were invited to come over to the house and had fun with the girls, where Shandi who was overwhelmed by loneliness of being apart with her boyfriend, ended up having sex with another male model.

Lambasted by a sense of guilt, she called her boyfriend, Eric, the next day and told him what has happened. Eric got mad and yelled at her before he finally hung up. The next day, Shandi called him back and he wished her good luck in the next photo shoot.

This week, the girls learned how to compliment their body with their attire. Then, they were put into the test where they shopped at a flea market and found an outfit that was high fashion and complemented their body the best. Shandi was chosen as the winner and picked Yoanna to join in her reward.

For this week's photo shoot, the girls teamed up to do a sensual, romantic nude shoot. At panel, Mercedes impressed the judges at the judging challenge with her ability to make a piece of cloth look like a high fashion shirt. April was criticized for trying to take control of the photo shoot and Mercedes was criticized for looking too commercial. In the end, April was sent home for being too technical.

First call-out: Yoanna House
Bottom two: April Wilkner & Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Eliminated: April Wilkner
Featured photographers: Almicare Incalza, Alex Martinengo
Special guests: Jean Luc, Nolé Marin, Loris Rocchi, Stephen Fairchild

Title: The Girl Who Cheated

Stephen Fairchild, I'm like, Oh God, wait, I think I know this one!”

— Mercedes Scelba-Shorte