America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 4

Camille's personality began to raise issues as she was singled out during a work out session where she and April were competing in a last man standing boxing challenge, which April ended up winning.

The contestants' personal style was then critiqued by Tyra and Simon Doonan, who stated that Catie's look was whore-ish. Catie started crying and arguing with Simon, saying he called her a whore, which he didn't and it showed that the rest of the girls were sick of her acting.

The contestants met Betsey Johnson and were challenged to dress in their personal style, but were only allowed to use everyone else’s clothes, not their own. Camille asked Xiomara to borrow some earrings for the show, but decided against using them, putting them on the counter which resulted in the earrings being broken. Camille said that she would get them fixed by her friend, who was a jewelry designer.

Betsey Johnson said Jenascia needed six months of modeling school in order to be right for her show, which is what the episode was named after. She told Catie that she still needed to find what style she had and who she was in order to do it correctly. She said Shandi's strength was that she was not a sexpot and that she shouldn't try to be that and chose her as the winner. The winner, Shandi, got dinner at JL with Cycle 1 winner, Adrianne Curry and picked Yoanna and Xiomara to join her.

The episode also focused on the fact that Mercedes has lupus and that she is scared because of her new medication making her hair fall out. She didn't want to tell the rest of the girls because she said she didn't need the sympathy. She vowed to make it to the top, despite what was going on with her health and to push through.

For the photo shoot, the contestants portrayed celebrities. Xiomara was upset that she had to become a darker color to portray Grace Jones, and Mercedes used the pain of her lupus to portray Billie Holiday's pain.

Mercedes used her lupus to her advantage, giving an emotional shot. Xiomara gave her strongest shot to date, and Yoanna proved she could be commercial, on a high fashion level. Camille's photo was highly praised, but her attitude came across as a major problem. In the end, it was Catie and Jenascia that were in the bottom 2, but Jenascia was eliminated because she couldn't compensate for her lack of height.

First call-out: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
Bottom two: Catie Anderson & Jenascia Chakos
Eliminated: Jenascia Chakos
Featured photographer: Andrew Eccles
Special guests: Simon Doonan, Adrianne Curry, Martin Snow, Danilo, Michael Carl, Betsey Johnson

Title: The Girl Who Needs Six Months Of Modeling School


April: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Camille: Diana Ross
Catie: Marilyn Monroe
Jenascia: Salma Hayek
Mercedes: Billie Holiday
Sara: Angelina Jolie
Shandi: Nicole Kidman
Xiomara: Grace Jones
Yoanna: Audrey Hepburn

I had lost my damn mind. It was a wedding dress, but I was like, MAKE IT IN PURPLE!”

— Tyra Banks