America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 6

The photos for the week were simple black and white beauty shots that focus on their face.

Camille was late to the acting class because she went to see a doctor for her puffed up lip, which had swollen due to an allergic reaction.

The contestants then participated in an acting challenge with Mark Collier. Camille decided to not follow the lines and instead, she rewrote parts of the script. Camille was then called clueless by the coach. The winner of the acting challenge was April.

The last stop was a Matrix themed commercial for Rollitos chips. April was hailed for her performance in the commercial and photo shoot, while Camille and Catie fell flat in both areas. Yoanna gave a shot that showed off her bone structure beautifully, and both Mercedes and Shandi showed off their beauty in their photos. Sara came across as pretty, but almost a bit too sexy in her photo. But, it was Camille and Catie in the bottom 2. Camille was criticized for her attitude, but Catie was sent home since judges felt that she was not yet ready emotionally to handle modeling.

First call-out: April Wilkner
Bottom two: Camille McDonald & Catie Anderson
Eliminated: Catie Anderson
Featured photographer: Bill Heuberger
Featured commercial director: James Gay
Special guests: Tasha Smith-Arqese, Mark Collier, De La Guarda, Eric Niemand, Kyle Hagler

Title: The Girl Whose Lip Puffed Up

God bless you and your career, but you're just boring!”

— Tasha Smith Arqese