America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 5

The girls underwent personality coaching.

Shandi broke down after revealing her family treated her like the black sheep and a psychic did a seance for all the girls.

This week's reward challenge was a tricky interview with Janice Dickinson. Mercedes won the reward, a shopping spree, for answering the questions best and revealing her condition, lupus, which she had kept secret until then. She took Sara. Also as part of their reward, Mercedes', Sara's, and Tyra's moms all showed up.

The girls posed underwater for Quench Water. April gave the best photo of the cycle yet, but she came across too uptight in judging. Sara also did well, proving she could be both strong and soft in a photo. Shandi and Camille struggled, but not as much as Xiomara, who Nole said looked like a "walrus wearing chiffon". This eliminated her, despite Camille's bad photo and bad attitude.

First call-out: Sara Racey-Tabrizi
Bottom two: Camille McDonald & Xiomara Frans
Eliminated: Xiomara Frans
Featured photographer: George Holz
Special guests: Sam Christensen, Suzannah Galland, Carolyn London, Nolé Marin

Title: The Girl Who Is A Visual Orgasm

I hear shopping spree and I'm like, where and how much?”

— Xiomara Frans