America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 12

The twelfth episode of the season featured an anime-themed photo shoot to reflect Japan's modern culture.

The challenge consisted of go sees while still having Japanese street fashion. Ann and Eva worked together to get their way around Tokyo. Yaya was late for the challenge and Eva won. Eva picked Ann to try to fix their argument and had breakfast with the owner of Mikimoto, and they received pearls. The girls photoshoot was on a motorcycle with an anime inspired look. Amanda and Yaya engaged while Eva and Ann struggled. After her record fifth appearance in the bottom two, Ann was cut at panel because, though she was a natural beauty, she continued to struggle to translate her looks into a strong photograph. This episode was named for Ann, as she did not hug her best friend Eva goodbye due to an argument during the judges' deliberations. However, Ann and Eva ended up as friends on the "Where Are They Now" episode aired after the end of the cycle.

First call-out: Amanda Swafford
Bottom two: Ann Markley & Eva Pigford
Eliminated: Ann Markley
Featured photographer: Takashi Miesaki
Special guests: J. Alexander, Toyohiko Mikimoto, Sawa Vaughters, Carolyn London, Shingo, Hitomi
CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

Title: The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye

At this point I'm finished, but I still have a little bit more time, and I just... I really wanted a kimono.”

— Yaya Da Costa