Miami Dolphins defeat New England Patriots, 29-28

Oops. OK, so the big game Jan.

23 will be in Pittsburgh, after all. I mean, that's all we really care about, isn't it?

Of course, if the Patriots don't play better than this against the Jets next Sunday, and, God forbid, against the 49ers the week after that, they'll never last long enough to see the Steelers. This is a team that got what it deserved last night.

And that was a shocking 29-28 loss to the Miami Dolphins, who scored twice after falling behind by a 28...

Hell was freezing over. Pigs were flying. And the Dolphins were beating the Patriots.

When A.J. Feeley found 6-foot-2-inch receiver Derrius Thompson for a 21-yard scoring pass over 5-10 Troy Brown with 1:23 remaining in the game on a fourth and 10, it capped an amazing night for the lowly Miami Dolphins, who staged their Super Bowl at Pro Player Stadium last night in a 29-28 victory, handing the Patriots their second loss of the season.

The winning score was set up b...

They're all the same when they get hit too much.

Tom Brady is better than most quarterbacks when it comes to being patient, avoiding mistakes, and giving his team a chance to win no matter what the situation, but when you get knocked around the way he was being knocked around last night at Semi-Pro Player Park, there's not much you can do but hope for the best and accept the consequences.

Last night the consequences were four interceptions, including back-to-back one...

It's Christmas week, but don't expect Bill Belichick to be in a generous mood after last night.

The Patriots coach wasn't pleased with what he saw in the 29-28 loss to the Miami Dolphins at Pro Player Stadium, though he didn't feel his team lacked intensity.

"We didn't make plays we needed to make at the end of the game," he said. "It wasn't lack of intensity, it was lack of execution. It wasn't any one play. It was a combination of things for the most part that went...