America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 13

In the Cycle 3 finale, Amanda, Yaya, and Eva went head-on in a CoverGirl photo shoot.

At the first panel, the judges had trouble deciding who to eliminate, as all three girls were showered with praise for their great photographs. After deliberation, Yaya was called first, leaving Amanda and Eva in the Bottom 2. Tyra proclaimed that both girls have what the other one needed. For Amanda, she had an edgy look, but lacked personality. As for Eva, she was approachable and very commercial, but did not have the look for high fashion. In a tough elimination, Eva was selected to be in the Final Two. An emotional Eva thought that she was going to go home, while Amanda was heartbroken that she did not make it to the finals.

Eva and Yaya then walked down the runway in a Noriko Fukushima fashion show and then went to panel for the last time and the judges commented on how they did in the fashion show and looked over their portfolios. During deliberation, the judges were torn beween Yaya's overall refinement yet lacked likeablity and Eva's significant improvements yet high insecurities.

The girls were called back, and Eva Pigford was hailed as the third winner of America's Next Top Model.

First call-out: Yaya Da Costa
Bottom two: Amanda Swafford & Eva Pigford
Eliminated: Amanda Swafford
Featured photographer: Ryu Tamagawa
Final two: Eva Pigford & Yaya Da Costa
America's Next Top Model: Eva Pigford
Special guests: J. Alexander, Noriko Fukushima
CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

Title: The Girl Who Wins It All

If there were anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included or comfortable, I don't think we would.”

— Yaya Da Cost