America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 11

For their challenge the girls learned and then were tested on their knowledge about the Tea Ceremony.

Yaya won her fifth challenge in a row, and picked Amanda to go to a hot spring. The girls later ganged up on Eva after a comment she made about Norelle out of frustration in the previous episode. Eva later apologized to Norelle who still loved her despite what she said. The photo shoot this week was for T-Mobile; the girls had to pose with a cell phone as geishas in kimonos. Tyra posed for the girls. Eva, Amanda and Norelle shone while Ann and Yaya struggled. Tyra became disappointed in Eva as she brought her emotions to panel. Norelle was the next contestant to be sent home due to poor appearance and terrible catwalk.

First call-out: Amanda Swafford
Bottom two: Ann Markley & Norelle Van Herk
Eliminated: Norelle Van Herk
Featured photographer: Amiko
Special guests: Toko Niwa, Kuineo Koike, Yoko Takahashi, Kyoko Higa
CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

Title: The Girl Who The Lionesses Are Hunting

I don't understand Japanese food. I do not eat Japanese food. If I do I eat like Panda Express.”

— Norelle Van Herk