America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 9

The remaining girls had an acting lesson with Taye Diggs.

When it came time for Taye to tell the girls how they did, he forgot Nicole. Then Tyra came out and announced that the girls would be flying to Tokyo for the remainder of the competition. As Yaya won the challenge, she picked Amanda to fly first class with her while the other girls rode in coach. Instead of a photo shoot, the contestants filmed a Campbell's soup commercial speaking Japanese, in which Eva struggled, while Ann got it right from the get-go. An upset Eva then joked to Norelle that she wanted her to do bad and go home in her place, upsetting Ann.

During the judging test, the girls were required to read a commercial and eat umeboshi, a very salty and sour pickled fruit that the contestants reacted adversely to. Yaya showed a bad attitude during the judging panel after spitting the product out in front of the judges, which landed her in the bottom two. Tyra forgot Nicole as well and she was subsequently eliminated for not being noticeable.

First call-out: Ann Markley
Bottom two: Nicole Borud & Yaya Da Costa
Eliminated: Nicole Borud
Featured commercial director: Zente Yoshie
Special guests: Taye Diggs, Sande Shurin, Toko Niwa
CoverGirl of the Week: Eva Pigford

Title: The Girls Meet Taye Diggs

There were these words... and I had this disease... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I couldn't read [the cue cards] if my life depended on it.”

— Norelle Van Herk