America's Next Top Model Cycle 3 Episode 8

This episode opened with an emotional Tyra discussing Cassie's elimination with her mother, saying she regretted not being able to help her.

The girls got fashion advice from stylist Rebecca Weinberg. Afterwards, they were taken to Century 21, a department store, to find a fashionable outfit to wear. When the girls were finished, they were dropped off at a secret location that turned out to be an impromptu red carpet, where Yaya won the succeeding red-carpet challenge for being interviewed the best and picked Norelle to share her prize.

Eva panicked when a photo shoot required her to pose with a live tarantula. At elimination, Yaya went over the edge when Rebecca said that Yaya wanted to prove her "African-ness". Despite being petrified of the spider, Eva pulled off a phenomenal photo. The judges felt that Eva, Nicole and Yaya shone in the photo shoot, while Ann, Toccara and Norelle struggled. In a shocking elimination, Toccara was eliminated because the judges felt the vibrant personality she needed to succeed in the industry was dwindling.

First call-out: Nicole Borud
Bottom two: Ann Markley & Toccara Jones
Eliminated: Toccara Jones
Featured photographer: Bill Diodato
Special guests: Paul Wilmot, Hampton Carney, Sarah Pyper, Rebecca Weinberg
CoverGirl of the Week: Toccara Jones

Title: The Girl Who Is Panic-Stricken

Everyone is equally annoying.”

— Eva Pigford